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Commercial Mediation

This service is for commercial disputes involving 2 or more parties. It is a voluntary non-binding process where the parties in a conflict agree to have a dialogue and negotiate in the presence of an impartial party (mediator) to reach a settlement.

Commercial Mediation service is applicable to the following disputes:

  • Shareholder Disputes
    Disputes between shareholders can be very intricate specially if it’s a family business. Two shareholders’ different management styles, disagreement on succession plan, or one shareholder establishing a competing business are all reasons for a dispute to arise resulting in break-up of a successful well established and profitable business. Mediation is the perfect fit for such disputes where it bridges the gap between them to reach a settlement and preserve the relationship as well the reputation of the business and the shareholders.
  • Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
    SMEs may struggle to abide by conditions outlined in a contract causing a dispute with a business partner.  Mediation would best suit this type of business in terms of cost and time to reach a resolution.
  • Employee Disputes
    The workplace can become a toxic place for employees if conflict is not managed effectively leading to employee poor performance and productivity. Mediation gives employees the opportunity to be heard and understand their counterpart’s perspective paving the way for a constructive dialogue to reach an acceptable long-term solution. This is an effective process to resolve employee disputes in a timely manner and manage employee turnover within the organization.
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Advisory Services

TASWEA offers advisory services to those who do not yet wish to participate in full mediation but who feel that with support from an accredited TASWEA mediator they may be able to avoid or better manage dispute. This will enable them to manage and deal with conflict rather than immediately resorting to expensive and time-consuming legal alternatives (litigation).

Advisory service enables you to analyse the conflict and prepare for a productive conversation. This approach is extremely empowering as it gives you control to determine the outcome of the dispute.

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Arbitration is a private dispute resolution process that parties may choose after mediation and as an alternative to going to court.
In arbitration proceedings the parties have the opportunity of presenting their case. The arbitrator will deliver an award which is final and binding on the parties.
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Lectures & Campaigns

We give back to the community through raising awareness on the costs and benefits of conflict in the workplace and how we can manage it for a healthy productive living through lectures and campaigns. TASWEA aims to promote the power of understanding and negotiation which lead to a productive dialogue. Multi-national companies, Banks, Family businesses, Universities and schools can benefit from such informative lectures and campaigns leading to a sound workplace environment.

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