What is Mediation?

Mediation is an extremely effective form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

Conflict is a natural part of our lives. It occurs in every organization. The problem is not with conflict but with how we handle it. TASWEA which means “settlement” specializes in helping parties to a dispute reach a mutually acceptable agreement in business related disputes in a non-binding, productive and constructive process privately and confidentially. The process is voluntary which means the parties are consciously taking primary responsibility for how the dispute will be resolved in the presence of an accredited professional third party called a “mediator”.

This service is most appropriate for businesses, where parties faced with deadlock in their negotiation are looking to reach long-term agreement quickly while preserving the relationship.

It is an empowering process producing solutions that are more productive and sustainable than any outcome dictated upon by a single party.

Why Mediation?

Confidentiality & Privacy

Your entire mediation cycle is always completely private and confidential and is conducted on a Without Prejudice basis

Voluntary Participation

All parties involved in the dispute come to the table voluntarily, this is proven to be the most effective basis for open discussion and lasting agreement

Time Saved

With the support of TASWEA, mediation can significantly reduce the time needed to resolve most cases.

Costs Saved

Resolution through mediation often proves to be far less expensive than alternatives, e.g. litigation. Your TASWEA mediator narrows the focus to just those facts and issues that absolutely need to be resolved in order to settle the disagreement

Reputations Preserved

Public disputes can easily escalate and result in unwanted reputational damage for both companies and individuals alike. This risk is often ignored with unforeseen results that can negatively outweigh the actual value of the dispute. TASWEA offer complete discretion to all parties and ensure that discussions take place privately

Important Relationships Preserved

Avoiding litigation and engaging in the TASWEA mediation process can often preserve relationships that have become strained and that otherwise may deteriorate further

Joint Gains

TASWEA facilitates the exploration of a wider ongoing relationship so that ‘Win-Win’ resolutions are sought together and agreed.


Your TASWEA mediator sets the ‘ground rules’ for the conversation and the process is closely managed to ensure constructive dialogue in a safe environment

The story behind TASWEA

TASWEA (which means “settlement”), previously known as “The Mediation Gateway”, was established by Rozana ALTayyar in 2015 to promote amicable conflict resolution within the business community in Saudi Arabia to support business sustainability and relationships.

Rozana ALTayyar, founder of TASWEA, serves as a Mediator and conflict advisor in domestic and international matters including commercial, civil and employment disputes. She specializes in resolving multi-party conflicts which include business shareholder disputes including family businesses.  She is also an executive board member at the International Chamber of Commerce- Saudi (ICC-Saudi) and vice-chairman of the Arbitration and ADR national committee.

Rozana has over 13 years of experience in Corporate Banking at SABB (Associated company of HSBC Group), managing complex relationships, including experience as a financial analyst and portfolio management. During that time, she managed a portfolio of global clients in automotive, aviation, real estate development, and food sectors. Beside lending and managing corporate accounts through customized services and solutions, she examined broad range of clients’ issues and concerns. She also collaborated and mediated closely with HSBC Network, including Global Relationship Managers, to enable healthy cross-departmental relationships and knowledge sharing.

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