Opportunities in conflict

//Opportunities in conflict

    Opportunities in conflict

    As a Corporate Mediator and Conflict advisor, the first thing I learned is within conflict lies an opportunity. An opportunity to understand your needs and interests as well as your counterpart’s needs. Frequently the parties may not even recognize that the real conflict is hidden and very different to that which
    they express it to be. They may not understand or recognize their own underlying motives: they may believe they are simply seeking proper compensation, whereas in fact they are expressing anger and hurt and a desire to see the other party punished and humiliated.

    Having the opportunity to be heard and supported by someone without judgment or volunteered advice allows you to hear yourself, analyze and explore your options in dealing or resolving your conflict with yourself or with others. Banks and companies invest a huge deal in some of their productive employees and executives in terms of training and development. When a dispute arises between the employee and his colleague or manager he/she will either fight to prove he /she is right, Avoid the situation or Accept it. These unconscious responses may lead to a temporary solution to the dispute. Yet, the feeling of frustration and anger continue to build leading to aggression and break down of relationships affecting the employee’s productivity and efficiency at work leading to his resignation or eventually dismissal from work.

    For the business, they have lost their investment in an employee they once considered valuable to the organization allowing them to invest time and money
    is grooming him/her.

    For the employee, he lost a job he was successful at and may have had a great future in. So it’s a lose-lose outcome for both, the organization and the employee. Seeking mediation or conflict coaching is a healthy approach to fixing a situation you feel stuck in.